Is your business growing?  Are you entering new markets, either geographically or with new products, and want to know if warehousing is the appropriate strategy for you?  Did you recently begin warehousing merchandise, and want to know if you’re getting the best value from your Winnipeg warehouse?  To answer these questions, you need to identify your businesses’ Key Performance Indicators, and check to see how a warehouse solution will help you to achieve them.

Key Performance Indicators

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a measurable value that demonstrates how effectively a company is achieving its most important business objective.  Since the warehouse is usually the last step in your supply chain that your goods pass through on their way to the consumer, it is very important to your operation.

The most important warehousing KPI, in the eyes of most companies, is the effect the warehouse facility has on on-time deliveries.  The higher the on-time delivery rate, generally the higher the satisfaction level of your customers, especially if you’re using a just-in-time delivery model.

Equally important is the order accuracy rate.  Inaccurate orders cause your customers hassle, and returned orders cost you money.

Inventory turnover is also important.  Warehouse space needs to be used.  If you’ve got unused capacity, or worse, if you’re storing inventory that’s not moving, your needs aren’t being addressed.

In the end, it’s all about the need of your business.  When it comes time to set up a warehousing operation in Winnipeg, you won’t find a more flexible partner than Crossdock Manitoba.  We strive to be Western Canada’s best third party logistics provider.

At Crossdock Manitoba, we offer a wide variety of crossdocking, warehousing, and Pick and Pack solutions tailored to your business.  If you can measure it, we can provide it. To find out about all of the services we provide, call Crossdock at (204) 987-1500.

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You can buy a lot of things on the merit of price alone, in both your personal and professional life.

Got a cheap haircut that wasn’t quite up to your standards?  It’ll grow.  Got a screaming deal on a hot pink garage door?  Paint it, or better yet, ignore it.  You spend most of your time inside, so you can’t see it anyway.

Crossdock VendorBut a warehouse?  Choosing a warehouse service provider is a lot like getting married.  If you wind up with the wrong partner, you could easily regret your decision.


You will spend a lot of time and money getting goods to and from storage that’s improperly located.   Winnipeg is a big city, and there are really good deals on warehouse space in the boonies, for good reason –  Nobody wants to locate their storage there, it’s too far away! 


Most of the things you store in a warehouse are valuable, fragile, or both.  You need the services of a reputable company that cares about their facilities, and their customers.  Thieves and vandals can make short work of your inventory, and even if you are insured, there’s a big hassle for you, and a big inconvenience for your customers, who are paying your for convenience.  Don’t put your business at risk by storing critical items under dubious watch.

Climate Control

Warehousing in Winnipeg can be tricky.  We have frigid winters and frying hot summers, both of which can be damaging to the goods that you store.  If you need climate-controlled storage, find a warehouse with a modern heating and cooling system and management that cares to use it properly.

At Crossdock Manitoba, we offer a fully climate-controlled warehouse operation and personalized customer service that’s second to none.  To find out about all of the services we provide, call Crossdock at (204) 987-1500.

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Like many of us, as long as everything runs smoothly in your day-to-day life, you probably don’t give much thought to how the products that you use make their way to you.

But imagine if one day, distribution channels ceased to function. Imagine if all of the commodities upon which we rely weren’t available to us when we need them.

If you think it wouldn’t affect you, think again…

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Winnipeg can have extreme weather conditions, creating the need for climate controlled warehousing services. Many products are susceptible to damage from cold or hot weather and humidity, making it imperative to store these items in a climate controlled environment. With the Winnipeg cold winters, warm summers and humidity that can be above 90%, it is important to protect your inventory from exposure to these varying extremes. When considering Winnipeg storage and warehouse distribution services for your business, there are many reasons to choose one that has a climate-controlled option.

Protect Your Inventory with Climate Controlled Warehousing
Product inventory is the life-blood of most product-based businesses. Keeping that product safe during the interim between manufacturing and delivery to your customers is imperative to the bottom line. One of the main factors that can impact almost any product is extreme humidity. Since there really isn’t a dry season in Winnipeg, warehousing with climate control that controls both temperature and humidity is almost a necessity.

Humidity and extreme temperatures can cause damage to almost any type of product. In extreme cases, just the high humidity in warehouses can lead to mold growth as well as deterioration of packing materials, putting the products also at risk. Without climate control, a Winnipeg storage facility or warehouse can become a hazardous environment to store your valuable product inventory.

While you may not be able to control the weather, you can control where you store your inventory. Whether it is winter or summer, the weather is never predictable in Winnipeg. Warehousing your product inventory in a climate-controlled environment can ensure that while in storage, your product will be protected from the harsh conditions. Climate controlled warehousing services give you peace of mind that while your inventory is in storage that it is safe from whatever the weather conditions may be outside.

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Outsourcing your warehousing and shipping needs to a third party logistics provider can save your business time, space and money. However, choosing the wrong the provider can also cost you precious customers and sales. When choosing a third party logistics provider, take into consideration a few important factors before committing to use their service to handle your logistics needs.


Forklift operator in warehouseYour warehousing and shipping needs can change as your business grows and may fluctuate throughout the year. Make sure the logistics provider you choose offers scaling as your needs change. There is no reason to pay for services and space you are not using when volumes are slow. Also, you want to ensure that this company will be able to meet your needs when and if your business expands.

While no service provider should ever be chosen on rates alone, cost is always a factor in business. Find out what services are included in their rates, what other fees that they charge and how you will be notified if the rates change. Also ask if there are discounts for multiple service use.

While rates are important, quality of the logistic service should be your number one priority. Ask for testimonials and references from their existing clients. Make sure they are using updated technology to maintain their facilities, showing that they are progressive in their business operations.

While right now you may only be looking for warehousing, your business may need other services such as cross-docking down the road. Consider the variety of services that your business may need in the future.

Finding the right third party logistics provider in Winnipeg takes a little research, but it is worth the effort. The right logistics provider can positively impact your business and your bottom line.

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The value of cross-docking services is based on meeting certain prerequisites before implementation. While highly beneficial for many retail industries, cross-docking services must first be deemed appropriate for your Winnipeg business, and then these prerequisites should be examined.

Industries that gain the most benefit from cross-docking services are those who have products that take up a large amount of storage space, are delivered in predictable high volumes or are perishable. Once you have determined that your business may benefit from cross-docking, the next step is to meet the prerequisites for implementation.

Cross-Docking Business Prerequisites
Using cross-docking in your business requires cooperation between your business and suppliers. Before implementation, there are several prerequisites to accomplish to make using a Winnipeg cross-docking service a success. A few of these include:

  • Agreement. Both your business and your suppliers must be in agreement to use cross-docking as part of your delivery method. There also needs to be a consensus on how the costs and benefits of using a cross-docking service will be shared.
  • Communication. There must be an effective way to communicate information between your business, your clients and your suppliers to ensure cross-docking will run smoothly. This can include sending accurate inventory and ordering data to your suppliers, directly from the retail locations.
  • Inventory management strategies. Since inventory is not stored but sent directly on to your retail locations or to your customer’s, inventory must be closely regulated. Supply chain management strategies must be implemented to ensure that there is effective coordination between all members within the chain.

For many retail suppliers and businesses in Winnipeg, cross-docking services can be highly beneficial. However, it is important to first make sure it is appropriate for your business and that all your partners within your supply chain are willing to cooperate to make it a success.

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Cross-docking has become a popular technique to decrease shipping times as well as reduce warehousing storage needs, saving companies time and money. If your company is receiving products that are large in cubic volume, perishable or need expedited delivery such as promotional items, you may be able to save money by using a Winnipeg cross-docking service. By eliminating the need to warehouse these products, sending them directly out as they are received, it can improve your delivery process and decrease your warehousing needs.

dollar sign_5468838Money Saving Aspects of Cross-Docking
Shipments of products that are ready to be delivered to their final destination can be quickly processed and forwarded using cross-docking. Eliminating the need for temporary storage, this can save your company money in several ways. Consider these benefits:

  • Reduced warehousing storage. Reduce the amount of storage space you need by using cross-docking services for products that are high in volume and cubic space. Perishable items that would need special storage needs can be reshipped immediately.
  • Faster delivery times. Products waiting for delivery, especially sitting in storage, are wasting money. Deliver your products faster, increasing sales and earning higher revenues.
  • Transportation costs. Expedited shipping through cross-docking can also reduce transportation costs. Products slated for delivery in the same vicinities can be shipped together, creating fuller loads and less money spent on fuel.
  • Reduce labour costs. Using a cross-docking service can reduce the money you spend on labour, checking in product, moving it to storage and then moving it again later for delivery.

For many companies in Winnipeg, cross-docking services can have a large impact on their bottom line. With faster delivery, reduced storage time and less warehouse space needed, your business can quickly realize the money that cross-docking can save over traditional warehouse distribution methods.

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For many businesses in Winnipeg, cross-docking services provide a logistical solution to warehousing and shipping needs. Instead of warehousing incoming products or materials, only to ship them out to a client or vendor a day or a week later, cross-docking allows businesses to accept shipments and quickly redirect them to their next destination with little storage or staging time. There are several advantages to using these types of services, saving time, money and space.

Means of transport

Key Advantages of Cross-Docking Services
Many businesses and industries will find cross-docking beneficial; those who handle perishable goods, large cubic volumes or high demand products may be ideal candidates for hiring a cross-docking service. As part of a business’ supply chain management strategy, cross-docking services can have some of the following key advantages:

  • Reduce labour costs. Less labour is needed for packaging and storing product, saving time and money.
  • Increased warehouse space. Reduced product needing storage can increase warehouse space or reduce the size of warehouse needed.
  • Efficient delivery. Reducing staging and storage time allows for faster delivery to customers.
  • Reduced transportation costs. Products scheduled to be delivered to the same or similar destinations can be transported together, creating fuller loads and reducing shipping costs.
  • Fast delivery of perishable goods. Perishable goods can be quickly rerouted to their destinations, ensuring their quality and reducing refrigeration warehouse requirements.

Winnipeg warehousing businesses that are looking to cut costs and increase productivity should consider hiring a cross-docking service to expedite their transportation of goods. In addition to cross-docking, many of these warehouse distribution services may offer other solutions such as pick and pack warehousing that can also offer logistical savings.

For many companies, cross-docking can have a large impact on the overall delivery time and shipping costs of their products, having a positive impact on their bottom line.

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The warehousing industry is changing, making it more important than ever to choose wisely when selecting a Winnipeg warehousing provider. You need a warehousing provider that can meet the ever-changing technological needs as well as provide realistic rates and quality service. Innovative third party logistic providers need to offer a variety of services to keep pace with this new age of warehousing.

New Innovations in Winnipeg Warehousing
As your business needs change, you must have a warehousing provider that is able to offer the services that can best facilitate those needs. Technological changes, improved distribution methods and fluctuating storage needs are all part of the new age of warehousing. When choosing a warehousing service, there are several factors that can impact the success or failure of using these services in your business.

  • Services. Compartmentalizing services has gone by the wayside. You need a third party logistics provider that offers more than just warehousing. Find a company that offers other services that you may need such as cross-docking services, pick and pack warehousing and delivery.
  • Technology. You need a warehouse distribution service that has the latest technology, including climate controlled warehousing. Complex transportation and delivery options such as cross-docking services require excellent communication and technology to be successful.
  • Experience. There is no replacement for experience in the warehousing industry. Choose a provider that has an excellent reputation and longevity in the warehousing and shipping industries.

Hiring a third party logistics provider can have a substantial positive impact on your business’ bottom line, if they can efficiently handle your needs. Likewise, a poorly operated warehousing service can also negatively impact your business and bottom line. With the new innovations in warehousing, make sure you choose a company that can deliver the high quality of service that is necessary in today’s competitive market.

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One of the questions you may be asking yourself is whether crossdock is right for your business. There’s no question though – if you’re a retailer, cross docking is essential.

There are several scenarios where cross docking will rise and become pertinent to your company’s longterm success. Consider these situations:

High Demand Products – Warehousing is always an option for you; but what about goods that don’t require long-term storage? This is where crossdocking fits in perfectly.

Ever-Rotating Stock – This is applicable to the ‘blow-out’ centres specifically. Chances are you are going to rotate your stock fully in a short period, even as frequently as weekly. Here again, it doesn’t pay to warehouse – crossdocking should instead be your focus.

But one of the reasons that really strikes is one that was given to Supply Chain Digest by Auburn  University’s Dr. Kevin Gue. He reasons that, “Because the lead time in a crossdocking system is longer than in a traditional warehousing system, demand at stores during the lead time could throw off replenishment quantities,” Gue notes. “By aggregating orders to a vendor from several stores, and then making a final allocation at the last possible moment, replenishment quantities are as accurate as possible, and inventory costs are reduced.”

These, of course, are just a couple reasons to explore crossdocking as an option for your retail outlet. For more, contact us today!

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