Save Money and Ship Orders with Pick and Pack Services

Pick and PackPick and Pack is, simply put, outsourced order processing that takes place in a location where you don’t really have a location.

By utilizing the services of a third party warehouse provider that offers Pick and Pack service (like Crossdock Manitoba here in Winnipeg) you will enable your business to compete with any of the big consumer-centered Internet retailers.

These big companies are having a huge impact on the retail landscape, because they are able to offer the same products that bricks-and-mortar stores do, at a much lower cost because they don’t have the same overhead expenses as the traditional outlets.  They pay for less space (a warehouse only, no retail showroom) and a much smaller staff.  By placing their operations strategically around the country, they are able to offer delivery times that no centrally located retailer can match, due to geographic proximity.

That’s where an outsourced warehouse provider with Pick and Pack service comes in.  A single warehouse location will provide services for a large number of businesses.  Each business saves on the capital cost of warehouse space, and the cost of maintaining your own staff is negated by outsourcing the actual order packing.

In the very competitive world of e-commerce, the most important link in your supply chain is your warehouse – it’s the last stop your product makes on the way to the consumer, who will value on-time delivery of quality goods.  Because there are many online options, your customer’s order needs to be accurate, and on time every time.

Because of our central location, Winnipeg is a popular location for Pick and Pack warehousing.  Crossdock Manitoba has considerable experience providing first-rate Pick and Pack service to a variety of clients, from very small operations to very busy national retailers.

To find out why you should choose Crossdock Manitoba as your Pick and Pack solution provider, call us at (204) 987-1500 or contact us online.

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