Advantages of Using Winnipeg Cross-Docking Services

For many businesses in Winnipeg, cross-docking services provide a logistical solution to warehousing and shipping needs. Instead of warehousing incoming products or materials, only to ship them out to a client or vendor a day or a week later, cross-docking allows businesses to accept shipments and quickly redirect them to their next destination with little storage or staging time. There are several advantages to using these types of services, saving time, money and space.

Means of transport

Key Advantages of Cross-Docking Services
Many businesses and industries will find cross-docking beneficial; those who handle perishable goods, large cubic volumes or high demand products may be ideal candidates for hiring a cross-docking service. As part of a business’ supply chain management strategy, cross-docking services can have some of the following key advantages:

  • Reduce labour costs. Less labour is needed for packaging and storing product, saving time and money.
  • Increased warehouse space. Reduced product needing storage can increase warehouse space or reduce the size of warehouse needed.
  • Efficient delivery. Reducing staging and storage time allows for faster delivery to customers.
  • Reduced transportation costs. Products scheduled to be delivered to the same or similar destinations can be transported together, creating fuller loads and reducing shipping costs.
  • Fast delivery of perishable goods. Perishable goods can be quickly rerouted to their destinations, ensuring their quality and reducing refrigeration warehouse requirements.

Winnipeg warehousing businesses that are looking to cut costs and increase productivity should consider hiring a cross-docking service to expedite their transportation of goods. In addition to cross-docking, many of these warehouse distribution services may offer other solutions such as pick and pack warehousing that can also offer logistical savings.

For many companies, cross-docking can have a large impact on the overall delivery time and shipping costs of their products, having a positive impact on their bottom line.

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