5 Industries that Can Benefit From Cross-docking

Crossdock ManitobaCross-docking is designed to put your goods in the hands of your customers in the shortest time possible.  While just about any business can benefit from faster shipping, it’s more important in some sectors than others.  Here are some of the types of clients who benefit most from the services of Crossdock Manitoba:


Automotive parts suppliers are classic users of “just in time” delivery.  Traditionally, a shop deals with a “jobber” located in the same town, but with recent advances in shipping and warehousing options, suppliers can be located just about anywhere.

Food and Beverage

In the hospitality industry, it’s important to have ingredients for everything on the menu, but with consumption that varies widely, and limited storage space on premises, timely shipping can make you a favourite of your clients.

Consumer Goods

Customers have become far more confident in making online orders than they used to be.  If you sell consumer goods, the limiting factor in your ability to satisfy your clients is often shipping time.  The big businesses in the field (Amazon, etc.) have gotten it down to a science.  By utilizing modern shipping techniques like cross-docking, and pick-and-pack warehouse services, you can be competitive!


Chemicals are difficult to ship, and even harder to store.  Often, the best way to get goods that are considered dangerous from source to store is the most direct route.  With crossdocking, you can avoid the hassle of unpacking and storing chemicals, which will reduce your costs without impacting customer satisfaction.


Retailers need good supply chain management.  With a third party logistics provider like Crossdock Manitoba on your side, you can keep merchandise where it needs to be – on store shelves.

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