How Does Cross-Docking Save Money?

Cross-docking has become a popular technique to decrease shipping times as well as reduce warehousing storage needs, saving companies time and money. If your company is receiving products that are large in cubic volume, perishable or need expedited delivery such as promotional items, you may be able to save money by using a Winnipeg cross-docking service. By eliminating the need to warehouse these products, sending them directly out as they are received, it can improve your delivery process and decrease your warehousing needs.

dollar sign_5468838Money Saving Aspects of Cross-Docking
Shipments of products that are ready to be delivered to their final destination can be quickly processed and forwarded using cross-docking. Eliminating the need for temporary storage, this can save your company money in several ways. Consider these benefits:

  • Reduced warehousing storage. Reduce the amount of storage space you need by using cross-docking services for products that are high in volume and cubic space. Perishable items that would need special storage needs can be reshipped immediately.
  • Faster delivery times. Products waiting for delivery, especially sitting in storage, are wasting money. Deliver your products faster, increasing sales and earning higher revenues.
  • Transportation costs. Expedited shipping through cross-docking can also reduce transportation costs. Products slated for delivery in the same vicinities can be shipped together, creating fuller loads and less money spent on fuel.
  • Reduce labour costs. Using a cross-docking service can reduce the money you spend on labour, checking in product, moving it to storage and then moving it again later for delivery.

For many companies in Winnipeg, cross-docking services can have a large impact on their bottom line. With faster delivery, reduced storage time and less warehouse space needed, your business can quickly realize the money that cross-docking can save over traditional warehouse distribution methods.

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