Speed Plays a Vital Role in Cross-docking

Crossdock ManitobaCross-docking has become an integral part of the shipping strategy of many companies. As a third-party logistics provider, Crossdock Manitoba has seen firsthand the difference that cross-docking makes in the supply chains of our many customers.

For those new to the concept, cross-docking aims to move goods from their point of origin to their point of sale with minimal or no warehousing. When goods arrive at our 50,000 square foot industrial park, they are immediately unloaded from the carrier (truck or rail based) that brought them in, and placed on the appropriate vehicle for outbound shipping to their final destination. This minimized handling and storage costs, and allows for faster arrival of inventory at the point of sale.

Materials caught in the supply chain are consuming resources, not generating revenue. Cross-docking streamlines the process, making your business more efficient. It’s likely that all of your competitors are using Just-in-time delivery to reduce their inventory costs. By engaging the services of Crossdock Manitoba, you can do it too, at a fraction of the cost of setting up your own facilities.

In addition to cross-docking services, Crossdock Manitoba is a full-scale third party logistics company. We offer warehousing, distribution, pick-and-pack shipping services, and delivery services.

The pace of business is forever increasing. You need innovative solutions and trusted partners to remain competitive. That’s where we come in. Since 2001, we’ve been serving the needs of companies from our Winnipeg headquarters, which is optimally located to handle shipments by truck, rail, and air. Our customers’ loyalty means a lot to us – the average length of relationship we have had with our current clients is 7 years, and growing.
To join the many companies trusting their cross-docking and warehousing needs to Crossdock Manitoba, call us at (204) 987-1500 or contact us online.

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