Choosing a Reliable Partner for Your Warehousing Needs

You can buy a lot of things on the merit of price alone, in both your personal and professional life.

Got a cheap haircut that wasn’t quite up to your standards?  It’ll grow.  Got a screaming deal on a hot pink garage door?  Paint it, or better yet, ignore it.  You spend most of your time inside, so you can’t see it anyway.

Crossdock VendorBut a warehouse?  Choosing a warehouse service provider is a lot like getting married.  If you wind up with the wrong partner, you could easily regret your decision.


You will spend a lot of time and money getting goods to and from storage that’s improperly located.   Winnipeg is a big city, and there are really good deals on warehouse space in the boonies, for good reason –  Nobody wants to locate their storage there, it’s too far away! 


Most of the things you store in a warehouse are valuable, fragile, or both.  You need the services of a reputable company that cares about their facilities, and their customers.  Thieves and vandals can make short work of your inventory, and even if you are insured, there’s a big hassle for you, and a big inconvenience for your customers, who are paying your for convenience.  Don’t put your business at risk by storing critical items under dubious watch.

Climate Control

Warehousing in Winnipeg can be tricky.  We have frigid winters and frying hot summers, both of which can be damaging to the goods that you store.  If you need climate-controlled storage, find a warehouse with a modern heating and cooling system and management that cares to use it properly.

At Crossdock Manitoba, we offer a fully climate-controlled warehouse operation and personalized customer service that’s second to none.  To find out about all of the services we provide, call Crossdock at (204) 987-1500.

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