The Facts about Cross-docking – 4 Myths Dispelled

Crossdock ManitobaMyth # 1 – Products Take Longer to Arrive Because of Distance Involved
False! If your supply chain is managed correctly, the desired products are flowing down the pipeline all the time. An experienced Third Party Logistics provider like Crossdock Manitoba can help keep your materials flowing smoothly from point of purchase to point of sale, minimizing your expenditure on storage and handling while ensuring that things get where they need to be.

Myth #2 – Additional Freight Handling can Result in Product Damage
Done correctly, crossdocking involves less handling of your freight, not more. By eliminating unnecessary transfer to and from a warehouse facility, you’ll not only save money on storage, but on shrinkage too.

Myth #3 – Potential Partner Might Not Have Right Storage Capacity
Only if you choose the wrong partner! In Winnipeg, Crossdock Manitoba is your go-to partner for all manner of shipping services. We’ve got a 50,000 square foot facility along with additional warehouse space with the potential for expansion, ideally located at the intersection of road, rail, and air smack dab in the middle of the country. We’re fast, flexible, and experienced. There’s no eventuality we can’t handle.

Myth #4 – Crossdocking Gives You Less Control Over Inventory
Logistics is about giving you more control at less cost. Because your inventory is always in transit, it’s always “almost there”. For best results, choose your partner carefully – not all facilities are created equal, and not all are ideally located. In Winnipeg, we’re confident you won’t find a better third party logistics provider than Crossdock Manitoba.
To find out about working with Crossdock Manitoba to fulfill your customers’ needs, call us at (204) 987-1500 or contact us online.

Watch our latest video Cross-docking myths de-bunked:

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