Pick and Pack Services – More Than Just Storage and Shipping

Pick and Pack services from Crossdock Manitoba are about more than just getting stuff to your customers.  Our professional logistics service is about order fulfillment, accurate and appropriate shipping, and inventory management.

At Crossdock, we do more than just keep a skid of your stuff in the back room and mail it out when you say so.  We serve many clients, large and small, and have dedicated employees who will accurately and quickly pick the contents of your order, place them carefully and quickly in the appropriate shipping container, and schedule them for the correct shipping option right away.

We provide Pick and Pack service as an integral and seamless part of a company’s supply chain management.  As the last stop before your product reaches your customer, we recognize that our role is very important to your business, and we treat each order as though it’s the most important job in the world.  Because, to your customer, it is.

Our service is completely flexible, and completely scalable, which means that we can grow with you (just temporarily, if your business is seasonal) or permanently, as your satisfied clients begin spreading the news of your product’s excellence and your company’s fast and accurate order fulfillment.

No matter what types of goods you need to ship, and no matter how you need to ship them, we have the experience and the resources to make it happen.

Our location in Winnipeg, Manitoba is conveniently located in the geographic centre of Canada.  Winnipeg International Airport is a busy cargo hub, and road shipping options are plentiful.

To find out how Crossdock Manitoba can customize Pick and Pack services to meet the specific needs of your business, call us at (204) 987-1500 or contact us online.






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