Understanding the Pick and Pack Service

Pick and PackAs online retailing becomes a larger part of a landscape that just about every business that sells physical products must navigate, the need for Pick and Pack warehousing has grown exponentially in recent years.

Whether in-house or outsourced, Pick and Pack service works in identical ways.  The warehouse is stocked with the products that are offered for sale, either online or to existing clients, so that they’ll be available when needed.  As an order comes in (usually via computerized Warehouse Management software), the necessary items are assembled, packed securely into the appropriately sized shipping container, and scheduled for shipping immediately.

Large vendors run their own Pick and Pack operations at strategic locations around the country, minimizing transit time so that orders can be fulfilled very quickly.  This rapid shipping has been very successful for a large number of retailers, who are finding that the public is very receptive to the lightning-fast arrival of the products they purchase online.

On the other hand, we’re learning that those who purchase goods online are very value-conscious, and that news travels very quickly across the Internet.  If a product takes longer to arrive from one retailer than another, this feedback is available to potential customers, who can be very fickle.

In order to be competitive in the online marketplace, you need what the big companies have – a warehouse and a staff in strategic locations.  In Canada, there is probably no place more strategically located than Winnipeg, Manitoba.  We are smack-dab in the middle of the country, and James Armstrong Richardson International airport is an important cargo hub.

Crossdock Manitoba offers flexible pick-and-pack service to a wide range of companies.  We offer robust, flexible, and customizable solutions that will allow you to fulfill your customer’s needs today, and as your business grows.

To find out about working with Crossdock Manitoba to fulfill your customers’ needs, call us at (204) 987-1500 or contact us online.






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